Immersive Esports

Where virtual realms collide with electrifying competition, creating unforgettable experiences for players and spectators alike

Immersive Esports

Celebrity Fan Zones

The top10 esports teams unleash their own captivating mini-universes!
Exclusive access to compete in exhilarating competitions, and engage in epic battles against AI elite team and share in the glorious prize pools. But that’s not all—the virtual land comes with your own gaming guild , making every moment a thrill-packed adventure which can be shared with your friends family and fellow addicts
Here’s the kicker: the virtual land itself becomes a tradable gem, powered by the mighty blockchain

SKOR is on a mission to create a positive social impact. Step into an awe-inspiring world where fun and fairness reign, and where you, the user, can not only indulge in thrilling gaming experiences but also earn incredible rewards along the way. But that's not all! SKOR's groundbreaking esports league goes beyond entertainment—it's a catalyst for meaningful change.
Get ready to embark on an epic journey with SKOR, where gaming meets purpose and possibilities are limitless!

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For any general enquiries, investor enquiries or to become a partner, contact us at : info@footballrare.com

To know more about project visits us on: www.skormetaverse.io